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Admiration, Gratitude & Appreciation – three words that describe the feeling that I get while looking at the snowy surroundings on one of my ski-trips.

Skiing in Norway’s wonderful nature is pure happiness for me. I can’t think of any other place that is at the same time both calming down like heaven and exhausting as hell. The cold fresh air floating into my lungs after a steep uphill part, the nervousness that always hits me while going downhill, and the moments of complete silence while realizing once again how beautiful the nature here in Norway is.

As a person that came to Norway just 7 month ago, every mountain is still a highlight and so impressive. I learned skiing and snowboarding already as a child, but doing cross-country skiing is a hobby that I just started to learn here in Norway. After a lot of amazing moments (and plenty of crashes of course), cross-country skiing is now one of my favorite ways to spend my days here.

It took me quite some time to build up the courage to finally use the prepared tracks for going downhill, but now the speed is just a part of the thrill. From an outside perspective that must be ridiculous considering my 5 km/h but that’s nothing that matters.

But what matters then? The valuable experiences that I make and the impressions that I will never forget.

Back home, in the north of Germany, I have to drive 12 hours to find a ski track. In Volda, I’m a 7-minute drive from Volda skisenter, 15 minutes to the next one, which is in Ørsta, and about 30 minutes to the tracks in Hornindal… It’s impossible to imagine how many ski centers I could find here in Norway during a 12 hours’ drive. And if I ever take this challenge, I am sure it would end with pretty tired legs in the evening.

Normally I use the tracks in the Volda skisenter since it’s the perfect place for practicing. But also the tracks in Ørsta are awesome and can convince with an wonderful view that you get after you managed to survive the first 6 km of the round. From this point, you can sight Ørsta and start to lose yourself in the nature. You can enjoy the view of formidable mountains, calm water, small houses. Just standing there feels like you are on vacation rather than just a stone’s throw away from home.

And while I am sitting here, dreaming of my next ski trip, my only remaining problem is: How can I explain my parents that I won’t come back to Germany after my year of studies here in Volda just because every inch of my body loves skiing in this amazing Norwegian nature so much?!

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